Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ACARA Arts Advisory Panel

I have been selected from over 400 applicants to be on the latest Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) Arts Advisory Panel!

Phase 2 – The Australian Curriculum

The second phase of the Australian Curriculum development involves geography, languages and the arts. Curriculum development timelines for these learning areas follows that of phase 1 (English, mathematics, science and history) by approximately 12 months.
The development of the Shape of the Australian Curriculum papers for these learning areas is preceded by a process in which ACARA considers positions in relation to a number of key issues.
These include whether the learning areas should have the same emphasis in the curriculum as those of phase 1, and whether they will carry the expectation of K-10 implementation for all students.
This process is supported by reference groups with learning area expertise. The composition of the reference groups for each of the learning areas is available for viewing under the specific learning area links.
Initial shape papers for geography, languages and the arts will be available for public consultation in mid 2010. Analysis of the consultation feedback will guide ACARA in setting directions for the development of the final shape papers for each learning area.
The Arts advisory panel members
Panel members will have extensive knowledge, understanding and expertise in the area of The Arts and some experience in the development of curriculum and/or achievement standards.
The advisory panel will assist ACARA and writing team/s by providing advice on draft curriculum including content descriptions, elaborations and achievement standards at key stages in the curriculum development process.

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