Thursday, September 13, 2012

Art On Wheels - we have finally hit the streets!!!

Connecting the practice of the artists with people’s daily activities, Art on wheels transforms a 1985 van into a portable venue for immediate engagement by Darwin residents.
Art on Wheels presents the work of 15 artists from various art disciplines including video works projected on public surfaces, live music performance, power generated installations, audio
works played through stereos, face-to-face workshops and performance. The participating artists will transform the van into an art work itself with their exciting and engaging artworks.
This project was Initiated with Public Art Project Development funding from Arts NT in 2011. It has been included into Darwin Visual Art Association (DVAA) 2012 offsite projects and officially implemented after successfuly receiving project funding from Australian Council for Visual Arts in 2012. 
With great support from City of Darwin and many local business, Art on Wheels’ van will travel through eight suburbs in Darwin during a four-week period. It will stop at a number of places popular with locals within each suburb including shopping areas, community parks and markets.

Art on Wheels is a project that aims to transport contemporary art to the residential suburbs of Darwin. Through its journey Art on Wheels will engender local thoughts and actions. It will
provide collective and individual experiences that allow the art projects to continue from one venue to another and establish new networks among Darwin communities.
Artists: Amina McConvell, Ann Fuata, Dale Gorfinkel, Jonathon Saunders, Leanne Waterhouse, Green Stone Garden, Lisa Wolfgramm, Rebecca Arbon, Rosemary Joy, Sarah Pirrie, Simon Cooper, Simon Pericich, Siying Zhou, Talitha Kennedy, Tom Halliday.

Check out more here for dates and artist info :)

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